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Detail from an Ancient Greek kylix or wine cup, depicting scenes of education: on the left, a bearded man teaches a boy how to play a 'barbition', an instrument like a lyre; in the centre, a man unrolls a scroll, while a boy and another man look on.

Teacher's Area

What's available?

  • Free high quality audio tellings of classical tales in the classroom (choose from Fables, Metamorphoses, War with Troy or Return from Troy in the menu at the top of any page in this website)
  • Teaching notes with many extra resources associated with each story
  • See also the menu below, where you can access further information, trainingresources and support on using classical tales in your teaching.

We warmly encourage you to get involved in our growing community of teachers and students using, enjoying and sharing the stories and achieving some great learning outcomes.

Teachers’ feedback

Helped to extend knowledge and understanding and stimulate discussions…Absolutely great for speaking and listening…opportunities for success for all.

I thought this was an absolutely brilliant resource that captured imagination and interest.  We were really pleased that it helped us focus on speaking and listening skills, and so gives us a little bit of balance in an English curriculum which has a heavy emphasis on writing … I loved teaching it.

(Teacher responses to War with Troy)