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Story summary

This is a story told by the Viking people of Scandinavia. Balder was the most beautiful of all the gods and he is son of Odin, King of the gods. He had terrible dreams. To reassure and protect him, his mother, Frigg, summoned her servants to ride across the nine worlds and make all of creation promise not to harm him. Everything made the promise, except mistletoe which the servants took pity on as it seemed so tiny and weak. News spread and all the gods and goddesses marvelled at how Balder could come to no harm no matter what spears, arrows and stones were thrown at him. This news and that of the mistletoe reaches Loki, a trickster who fashions a bow from mistletoe and tricks Hoder, Balder’s blind twin into firing it at Balder, who dies. The Queen of the dead promises to bring him back if all of creation weeps for him. At Frigg’s behest, all does…except Loki.

Alternative versions 

Orpheus and Eurydice