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Orpheus and Eurydice

Story summary

A great tragedy struck newlyweds Orpheus and Eurydice the day after their beautiful wedding. Eurydice was poisoned by a snake and found dead by her new husband. After the funeral, Orpheus went travelling, seeking the land of the dead where he finds Hades and his wife Persephone. He pleads with them to give him back his Eurydice. With the help of the third sister of the Three Fates, who cuts the threads of lives, Orpheus is told to leave the kingdom and that Eurydice will follow him, so long as he doesn’t look behind him. On their way, Orpheus hears Eurydice stumble and turns to catch her, he glimpses her face and she disappears, the thread of her life is cut irrevocably this time and Orpheus never saw her again – at least not until many years later when he died and joined her in the shadowy kingdom.

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