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Creation 3: Pandora

Story summary

The first people were the children of Prometheus. They had to be shown how to find food and shelter. Prometheus realises that they suffer from the cold and need fire - the only way to give it to them is to steal it from the gods, which he does. His children prosper but before long, Zeus notices the smoke of their fires and seeing Prometheus affectionately watching his children’s success, deduces that he was the thief. Prometheus warns his brother Epimetheus to be careful and not to accept any gifts from the gods. Zeus has a beautiful woman crafted out of clay and brings her to life. He calls her Pandora, the bringer of gifts, and has Hermes deliver her to Epimetheus, who falls in love with her. One day Pandora notices a stone jar in which Prometheus has locked away disease, violence, hatred and all bad things to keep them from his children. She is curious and wants to open it, despite Epimetheus warning her not to. Much to Prometheus’ despair she gives into temptation.

Alternative versions 

Monkey and Trouble