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Creation 1: The Very Beginning

Story summary

Uranus (the sky) and Gaia (the earth) were lovers – sky pressed so tightly against earth nothing could pass between them. Their children, the Titans, longed to stand and move about but were suppressed by their father’s weight. One of them, Chronus, forcibly separates his parents, their wounds giving rise to the world we know today. Chronus’ brother, Prometheus, buries jars packed with the flesh of his mother and spilled blood of his father. When Chronus and Rhea, another Titan, have children, their mother, the earth, warns that they will be more powerful than them. Not wanting this, Chronus eats his children except the youngest, Zeus, who Rhea hides and raises in secret. One days Zeus ingratiates himself with his father and takes the opportunity to poison him – as the old Titan vomits, the eaten children escape from his belly and wage war against him and the great Titans until only two Titans, who turned their back on war, remain. Zeus and his brothers and sisters build palaces on Mount Olympus, draw lots on which realms they shall rule and call themselves gods.

Alternative versions 

Rangi and Papa